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What do we do next?

Unfortunately our funding pot in not endless, so we will need to allocate the funds to  schools on a first come first serve basis, and also get a level of commitment from the school to ensure that the funding will be used to its full potential.

We require you to fill in the expression of interest form on the reverse of this letter.

Ocean’s Together Forum is a public private collaboration set up to engage with each other with regard to sustainable business practices across South Essex

Funding has been received from local businesses within this forum and their contractors to promote environmental responsibility within the local area.  Our aims are to:

  • Enable  young people to develop and own their own environmental schemes, which enhance their environment and increase environmental awareness in their local communities.

  • Support schemes through provision of knowledge, promotion, equipment and volunteers through the forum, collection of waste etc.

  • Empower schools to take ownership and ensure that this forum is an ongoing platform for our young people to positively influence their environment.